Gratitude February 2022 Post – Sisters

On my actual birthday, I wanted to share gratitude for my sisters, since they have had to put up with me all of their lives!

To the left of me is my little sister Susie, she is wild and crazy and keeps us all on our toes! Susie works in administration in a hospital in CO. Next to her is our oldest sister Debbie. Debbie is a nurse. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives to help take care of us! Both Debbie and Susie have had some hard years working literally on the front line of a pandemic! As hard as I think my life has been during a pandemic – it’s paled in comparison to these ladies! Last but not least is Kristin, she is actually our cousin but was raised as a sister to us. She is in wealth management – and is responsible for making sure we can all retire one day!

I am so grateful for these ladies in my life! We fight like sisters and we love like sisters. We have all worked hard in our careers. We all have an incredible work ethic and a sense of responsibility for our jobs and the companies we work with and for. We all worked many jobs through high school and college to push through and get where we wanted to be. We love our families and are all amazing Aunts!

I am grateful for their unconditional love! The role models each of us has tried to be for each other and for our kids!