Make Unstoppable Simple

Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change and growth.

Make Unstoppable Simple

Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change.

Make Unstoppable Simple

Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change.

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From one-to-one coaching to enterprise-wide transformational engagements, we help you turn your goals into action.

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Individual, Team and Enterprise wide training designs.


Business and Human Capital consulting services.


Individual and team coaching designed to activate growth.

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We believe assessments allow individual contributors and teams to open the lines of communication and build unstoppable team environments.



Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to culture change with Everything DiSC®.


Improve team effectiveness and productivity through the understanding and Application of The Five Bevahiors.


Gratitude Month: Monique & Holly

By Dina Simon | February 1, 2023

Feb. #graditude post – It’s my Birthday Month, and the tradition of gratitude posts continues! Meet Monique Ramos-Smith, PHR and Holly Peterson. I have had the privilege to lead and work alongside these two amazing women in my career. I am so grateful for their partnership over two decades ago when we worked hard and played hard. We rolled up…

Are You Battling Crisis Fatigue? These Resources Can Help.

By Dina Simon | September 26, 2022

Recently I came across the term “crisis fatigue” with an immediate sense of recognition. I have to say, it felt so great putting a label on what I felt I had gone through during the past few years. As an HR professional tackling 24/7 demands through the height of the pandemic, I know how this…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Leading together

By Dina Simon | February 27, 2022

Feb Gratitude, Final post! I wanted to close with this as I end my Birthday Month and my Feb Gratitude posts. When I was in my 20s, I started my staffing industry journey working for Volt Services Group. A company that was founded by two brothers. Bill and Jerry Shaw sat at their mom’s kitchen table in…

Gratitude February 2022 Post-Brain Health

By Dina Simon | February 22, 2022

My amazing Amy L. Grove! Amy became a part of my life just over 11 years. She was the “organization” behind Simon Says Give High Five for Supplies. She partnered early on with Mandi Simon to co-chair H5FS, creating structure and building the event into Guinness World Records worthy! Amy was also a partner with me at Simon Says Lead. We…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Connections

By Dina Simon | February 18, 2022

I love connecting people who do amazing things in the world together. I wanted to give appreciation and gratitude to a significant connector in my life, Jeffrey Hayzlett. If I hadn’t met Jeff Hayzlett 11 years ago, I would not have met Jeff Brown (featured in a post earlier in the month). JEFFRY BROWN then multiplied the impact…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Ride or Die Girls

By Dina Simon | February 16, 2022

Feb Gratitude Cont., These two ladies have been my rock over the past 10+ years!! Eleven years ago in May, I met Cathy Paper, M.A. in Hollywood, CA, at a SANG event (Speakers Authors Networking Group). Since we were in Hollywood, CA, and probably the only ones from Minnesota at the event, everyone pushed us to meet…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Legacies

By Dina Simon | February 15, 2022

Feb Gratitude Continued. Today, Feb 15th marks the 11th anniversary of when I filed Simon & Associates – now dba as Simon Says Lead – paperwork. Over the last 11 years, the ride has been amazing with so many that I have partnered with both at Simon Says Lead and Simon Says Give My gratitude post today…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Impact Partnerships

By Dina Simon | February 14, 2022

Tony Sorensen and Chris Ohlendorf and the Versique Search & Consulting and Parqa Digital Marketing Agency teams have been involved with Simon Says Give since 2012 when we packed 1,000 backpacks. They have provided talent at every event we have ever had over the years! Fashion shows, backpack packing, building birthdays, Guinness World Records, and…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Be ready if asked “how can I help”?

By Dina Simon | February 12, 2022

JEFFRY Jeff BROWN & Jim S. Johnson, CSP have been with us at Simon Says Give since the beginning! Jeff and I met in the ideation days when Mandi Simon was just dreaming about what she wanted to do in 2010-2011. When he said, “How can I help”?? He introduced us to Darin Lynch (a…

Gratitude February 2022 Post – Sisters

By Dina Simon | February 9, 2022

On my actual birthday, I wanted to share gratitude for my sisters, since they have had to put up with me all of their lives! To the left of me is my little sister Susie, she is wild and crazy and keeps us all on our toes! Susie works in administration in a hospital in…

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