a compelling offer, smart systems and creative ways to solve any business problem

Why Work with Simon Says Lead

Our Story
The genesis of Simon Says Lead became clear to us with our sleeves rolled up in the midst of launching the nonprofit Simon Says Give.
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Our Purpose

To help individuals and organizations be Unstoppable.

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Our Approach

To be unstoppable, you need loyal followers, a compelling offer, smart systems and creative ways to solve any business problem.

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Our Services

Coaching Services
From one-on-one coaching to enterprise wide transformational engagements, Simon Says Lead is the only force strong enough to make you unstoppable.
  • Unstoppable You Coaching
  • Unstoppable Team Coaching
  • Unstoppable Organization Coaching


Consulting Services
To help individuals and organizations be unstoppable is why we are in business. To partner with our clients, we need to uncover what is stopping them in their tracks.
  • 90 Minute Executive Overview
  • Workshops
  • One-on-One


Leadership Training
We provide a first-time leader with a confidential place to practice and develop skills and provide an executive access to a neutral sounding board to discuss challenges.
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Leaders
  • Leading Executives


Our Team

Dina B Simon
Author. Speaker. Executive Coach. Leadership Training and Leadership Development. Staffing Industry. Franchising Expert.

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Simon Says Give

Simon Says Give is a nonprofit founded by Mandi Simon. The organization’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders to be unstoppable.