Take the steps to become a strong, consistent, and inspiring leader with our Blanchard Digital Learning Journey.
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What is a Digital Learning Journey

With the abundance of digital content and delivery options now available, it’s challenging to determine the right approach to develop leaders and individuals in ways that resonate with the needs of the modern workforce. That’s why Blanchard developed Digital Learning Journeys: solutions that give people practical and essential frameworks to have meaningful and authentic conversations.

You will have time for practicing new skills, reflecting on key points, and reinforcing behaviors, as well as opportunities to learn with colleagues during weekly live debrief sessions.

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Planning, teamwork and mentor with business people in meeting for strategy, project management or creative. Entrepreneur, brainstorming and diversity with employee in startup for design collaboration.
What Is Leader of Others

This 6-week course will teach you a new language for leadership that increases the quality and quantity of conversations with team members. This accelerates employee development, increases performance, and supports autonomy.

What You Will Master
  • Understanding SLII: Learn a new language of leadership
  • Goal Setting: Help employees set and align on SMART goals
  • Diagnosing: Assess someone’s competency and commitment to a specific task
  • Matching: Achieve critical results with people by matching their development level
  • Building Trust: Build trust and restore it when it’s been compromised.    
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"We have offered this training to many of our clients and internally with our leadership team. I highly recommend Dina Simon and Blanchard's Leader of Others training series. Dina's approach is engaging, insightful, and practical. Her ability to connect with you makes the training sessions feel like fun while becoming a better leader!" 

John Arnold, Managing Partner, Celarity

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leadership pioneers:
Ken Blanchard & dina simon

Ken Blanchard, co-author of the renowned 'The One Minute Manager' series, established the groundbreaking SLII® Model that forms the foundation of our Self Leadership program. His vision has redefined leadership paradigms, encouraging individuals to fully embrace their roles, fueling innovation and organizational success.

Dina Simon, founder of Simon Says Lead and author of 'Make Unstoppable Simple,' has facilitated Blanchard training for 17 years. She has imparted this transformative program to hundreds, consolidating its influence across diverse organizations. By synergizing Blanchard's philosophies with her dynamic training methodologies, Dina fosters a leadership development journey that stimulates productivity, engenders trust, and inspires transformative growth in both individuals and organizations.