Are you a high-performing leader poised to amplify your leadership impact? Are you ready to move from managing to coaching? Join us for a 7-week leadership development program!


Cohort Experience: Join a community of like-minded professionals in a collaborative learning environment that fosters growth and networking. Classes will be via Zoom.

Capstone Project: Put your skills into practice with a real-world project, cementing your learning and showcasing your leadership evolution. Each participant will present their Capstone Project during our final session.

Investment: Participants will access 14 hours of virtual classroom training and benefit from a valuable package that includes a capstone project and access to the DiSC, SLII®, and Coaching Clinic curriculum.

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Self-Discovery: Understand your leadership style and behavioral traits.

Development Mastery: Learn to accurately assess the developmental stages of your team members and tailor your approach to meet their needs.

Inspire Excellence: Shift from just managing to truly leading—inspire your team through vision and motivation.


Skill Enhancement: Transition from manager to coach with our Coaching Clinic, refining skills that empower your team.

Coaching vs. Managing: Gain clarity on the distinct roles of coaching and managing, and when to apply each for maximum effectiveness.

“What I admire most about Bob is his ability to truly lead his career and personal life according to his values--and doing it successfully! My experience working with Bob has been as a leader, coach, and facilitator. He is the leader that people trust and want to follow; the coach that people open up to; and the facilitator that people want to engage with. Bob comes highly recommended and it would be an honor to work with him again!”
HR Leader

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"Training managers to think and act like coaches is the single most important talent initiative that all organizations should be working on."

Gallup's State of the American Workplace Report


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Bob Parsons

CEO of Parsons Coaching and Consulting

Bob brings over three decades of experience helping executives overcome limiting beliefs while leveraging their gifts, leading to greater levels of “extraordinary” performance.

He served over 26 years as an experienced global talent professional at Deluxe Corp, Thomson Reuters, and Goodyear Tire, providing coaching to senior executives, successors, and leaders looking to “raise their game” in work and life.

As a Master Facilitator, Bob is a graduate of Coach U and will bring The Coaching Clinic curriculum to life during this Coach Mastery training.

Checkout Bob's LinkedIn Profile to learn more:

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Dina Simon

CEO of Simon Says Lead

Dina works closely with individuals and clients to uncover their business goals and creatively problem-solve to get results. Author of Make Unstoppable Simple – creative problem-solving in life and leadership, where she shares her personal leadership story and the secrets of becoming “Unstoppable” in life and business.

She has a rich leadership background, having held senior roles at multi-billion dollar corporations and successfully launching two startups.

As a Master Facilitator, Dina brings her partnership with Blanchard and Everything DiSC to life during this Coach Mastery training.

Checkout Dina's LinkedIn Profile to learn more: