Gratitude February 2022 Post – Women Entrepreneurs

This powerhouse lady is my cousin Mary White. Over the years of raising kids and grandkids, she has had a successful career in some cool areas. What I love most is her ability to market and tell a story and build lifelong relationships. She and her husband have an extraordinary real estate business and are featured in the top 1% of Sales & Units & Titles for their brokerage firm. No easy task! While working hard she’s never forgotten to check in or be there for us when we needed her or to celebrate with us! Whether it be a launch party for Simon Says Give or a 10-year celebration, she is there. Sending love notes to my daughter at summer camp and now at college. Checking in on me when she thinks things are good, and especially if she thinks I could use some love and support. She is an inspiration to many, but mainly to little girls that want to grow up and try and figure out the work-life balance and do it successfully! Love you, Ree! I am so grateful to have you in my life! I am so grateful to receive your fierce love and that my daughter has you as an example to follow!