Gratitude February 2022 Post-Brain Health

My amazing Amy L. Grove! Amy became a part of my life just over 11 years. She was the “organization” behind Simon Says Give High Five for Supplies. She partnered early on with Mandi Simon to co-chair H5FS, creating structure and building the event into Guinness World Records worthy!

Amy was also a partner with me at Simon Says Lead. We have had a great ride creating content and partnering together to help leaders grow.

Amy’s life dramatically changed five years ago when she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke. We watched her fight and figure out her next act, and we are so proud of what she is accomplishing!

She recently authored, Who am I? a children’s story – that kids of all ages need! Check out Gove Works website: to see what she is up to with stories from The Grove as well as You:3D training designed to help us  DISCOVER, DIG, and DESIGN your future.

I love you, Amy! I am honored to know you as a friend, sister, and business impact partner! I have always been inspired by your drive, passion, and know-how! This new adventure you have embarked on will profoundly impact all you engage!