Gratitude February 2022 Post – Connections

I love connecting people who do amazing things in the world together. I wanted to give appreciation and gratitude to a significant connector in my life, Jeffrey Hayzlett.

If I hadn’t met Jeff Hayzlett 11 years ago, I would not have met Jeff Brown (featured in a post earlier in the month). JEFFRY BROWN then multiplied the impact with the connections we needed. 

If I hadn’t met Jeff Hayzlett, I would not have met Jennifer Fleming. Jen and I wouldn’t have become like sisters, and she and her son Nolan wouldn’t have started Simon Says Give Sioux Falls, SD. If I hadn’t met Jeff Hayzlett, I would not have met Jim Eber. Jim and his son Simon loved our mission so much that they started Simon Says Give Worchester, MA. Jim, Simon, and the team have done many amazing things under the SSG umbrella, many miles away from Minnesota! If I hadn’t met Jeff Hayzlett, I would not have met Sheila A. Anderson. Also, a sister and board member of Simon Says Give.

Jeff, I think you know how much you have impacted Simon Says Give, and I wouldn’t have added “Author” to my accomplishments if you hadn’t challenged me to have a book in The C-Suite Book Club. I think you know the platform you have given Mandi Simon in your partnership with her. Not many little girls can say they have been on a stage with you speaking in front of hundreds of CEOs at The C-Suite Network event.

Cheers to connectors! Together we impact our communities and the businesses we serve!