Gratitude February 2022 Post – Leading together

Feb Gratitude, Final post! I wanted to close with this as I end my Birthday Month and my Feb Gratitude posts.

When I was in my 20s, I started my staffing industry journey working for Volt Services Group. A company that was founded by two brothers. Bill and Jerry Shaw sat at their mom’s kitchen table in 1950 with 13 dollars and a dream. By the time I joined their journey, I worked for the division that Jerry Shaw had overseen. At that time, Volt was a $2B company and growing. I was a branch manager who grew into regional and national roles. I was lucky enough to call Jerry a friend. He was one of our first visitors to NorCal to visit our Mandi when we brought her home. I reflect on his leadership and influence in my life often!

As I fast forward 30 years, I find myself working with two brothers again, Robert Arnold and John Arnold the owners of Celarity. In Jan. 2020, they purchased the business from their mom. A company that had stood the test of time over 30 years. Do you remember what happened in March of 2020? Just a few months into ownership, they are faced with a global pandemic!

I have had the honor to know Robert and John for 6+ years. I have worked with them and their mom through this business transition. Both were heavily engaged in the business before deciding if they wanted to own it one day. I have watched them grow as individuals and together as business partners. I have witnessed a transformation of company leadership that, even during a pandemic, has not missed a beat. They have more than doubled in staff. They have had exceptional year-over-year growth, which is hard to do in regular times! They continue to ask for feedback and want to learn and grow. 

These two have a fantastic likeness in their foundation and values. They come together with their differences in problem-solving and thinking through what the business needs.  Together, a perfect business match! Just like Bill and Jerry Shaw (I so wish that I could make an introduction)!

Robert and John, I know your mom (Marlene Phipps) is so over the top proud of you! The legacy lives on and will not just survive but thrive! Something any family business ownership transfer wishes for – but doesn’t always happen. I look forward to supporting you as you continue to grow as business partners and as Celarity continues to reach new heights!