Gratitude February 2022 Post – Ride or Die Girls

Feb Gratitude Cont., These two ladies have been my rock over the past 10+ years!! Eleven years ago in May, I met Cathy Paper, M.A. in Hollywood, CA, at a SANG event (Speakers Authors Networking Group). Since we were in Hollywood, CA, and probably the only ones from Minnesota at the event, everyone pushed us to meet each other. The joke is on all of them all these years later! Cathy has not only been my friend, but she also became my publisher. We have partnered on fun business adventures, and most importantly, she is like a sister to me!

About ten years ago, Darin Lynch introduced me to Tamara Prato and said we needed to know each other. Little did he know that he would help create this amazing friendship. Cathy was a mutual friend to us all. Therefore, launching an amazing sisterhood.

Tamara has been an amazing business partner to Simon Says Lead and Simon Says Give! We have celebrated at MN Biz Mag, we have made an amazing impact together at the Mary T. and James J. Hill Library Foundation. We continue to believe in EOS Worldwide and support her in bringing this important foundation to businesses.

The three of us love our community. We love to impact the businesses AND the people in our community. We love to have fun together! We love to be there for each other through the good and bad times!

Paper and Tamara, I love you. I am so glad that people in our lives knew we needed to be friends!