Gratitude February 2022 Post – Be ready if asked “how can I help”?

JEFFRY Jeff BROWN & Jim S. Johnson, CSP have been with us at Simon Says Give since the beginning!

Jeff and I met in the ideation days when Mandi Simon was just dreaming about what she wanted to do in 2010-2011. When he said, “How can I help”?? He introduced us to Darin Lynch (a popular post a few days ago) who built our website. He joined us as a board member. Jeff’s passion for innovation, creativity, impact, youth, and partnership, allowed us to form and storm in the early years.

Jim Johnson … he has known me for 17+ years! We worked together while I was with Express Employment Professionals International Headquarters. When we started SSG, he too asked, “How can I help”? Mandi had just decided that she wanted to collect backpacks and school supplies to support her summer birthday and together we named our drive “High Five for Supplies”. Jim has provided staff dedicated to our summer impact event. He has provided financial contributions and a lot of love and care to High Five and the organization as a whole.

Over the past 10-years, we have supplied over 50,000 backpacks and school supplies to kids in MN. All because a little girl had a dream and amazing people like Jeff and Jim stepped up to say, “How can I help”?