Benefits of Hiring a Coach

During my professional career, I have been surrounded by some of the best-known leadership coaches and I have witnessed first-hand the results their clients experienced. Watching these transformations has always inspired me to get my own coaches – even though I too am a coach!

I hired my first business coach when I was 35 and just moved into my first Vice President role. I knew I was going to need outside help to navigate the corporate waters and have a safe place to discuss things. She is someone I have brought back into my life through the past 15 years as I or my business has needed her expertise.

There are many benefits to hiring a coach, here are what I believe to be the top 4:

Most of us that let a coach into our lives, whether it be for business or fitness etc., are doing so because we need some accountability. We have some specific goals and if we are left to our own, we might not have the necessary check-in on how we are doing. Consistent accountability is so key to accomplishing what our desired outcomes are.
Breakthrough Roadblocks
Coaches will help us identify obstacles and help us break through them. They find creative ways to keep moving forward and/or bring resources to the table we need to keep the momentum going. It can be hard to go it alone sometimes, and problem-solving and pushing through barriers is much more enjoyable with someone on that journey with you.
Sometimes our coaches believe more in us than we do – they are our biggest cheerleaders when we need it the most. Their belief in us on a bad day, or their belief in us when we hit those roadblocks is what pushes us through to the next phase.
It’s my belief that coaches are the best teachers and mentors. Working through critical life and/or business challenges will grow and push you. A coach will present new processes to work through challenges and provide insights on how to navigate through things. Processes that you will use time and time again in life.