Meet Gregg Jackson!

We are excited to have Gregg Jackson on the podcast with us. Gregg is a friend of John’s. They stay fit together by working out a few times a week.

Gregg went to the University of Dayton for his undergraduate and MBA degrees. Worked for GM, Delco Products in Ohio and then transferred to El Paso, TX, to set up manufacturing in Juarez, Mexico. He spent much of his career in El Paso, creating new business opportunities in Juarez.

He is known to be entrepreneurial, inspirational, and one to give back and pay it forward!

When Gregg and his wife Becky moved from El Paso to Dallas, he and their son, Ryan, started Acceleron Learning, a technology-based learning and development platform. They have a niche for working with prisons, social services, and in the education sector, teaching life skills.

Gregg and Becky have two children, Ryan and Kayla, and have been married for nearly 50 years!

With much more to share, we will invite Gregg back for more episodes in the future!

To learn more about Acceleron Learning, go to their website: