The genesis of Simon Says Lead became clear to us with our sleeves rolled up in the midst of launching the nonprofit Simon Says Give. With the hard work, determination and unstoppable results we were experiencing – we knew there was one more piece to the puzzle.

Our Purpose. To help individuals and organizations be Unstoppable

Simon Says Lead works with individuals and organizations to become unstoppable in reaching their business goals, with an emphasis on coaching and training leaders at all levels of an organization to achieve strategic business objectives.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to develop business and people strategies to archive desired outcomes.

To be unstoppable, you need loyal followers, a compelling offer, smart systems and creative ways to solve any business problems. Simon Says Lead gives you all that and more.

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Our Team


As CEO of Simon Says Lead, Dina works closely with individuals and clients to uncover their business goals and creatively problem-solve to get results.  Author of Make Unstoppable Simple – creative problem-solving in life and leadership, where she shares her personal leadership story and the secrets of becoming “Unstoppable” in life and business. Over the past 10 years, she has also served as the President of Simon Says Give, a charitable organization founded by her daughter.

Dina possesses a diverse leadership background, including senior-level participation at multi-billion dollar companies, as well as successfully founding two start-ups. Her unstoppableness comes from collaboration with her teams, clients, and network of “others” to think big and accomplish amazing things in the world together. Those accomplishments include a 2018 Guinness World Records Holder through her work with Simon Says Give.

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My project
Growth Advisor

Tamara has a 25-year track record of driving growth. Her diverse background driving revenue upwards to 13 million, leading the charge on 14 national magazine publications, and serving as the executive director and chief of staff of a multi-million dollar nonprofit, have given her the perspective, drive and solutions to solve any of today’s business challenges.

Tamara drives outcomes, builds relationships, creates community and makes an impact not only on the bottom line, but also on the culture of an organization. She helps business owners see their business in a whole new light and execute on a simple set of tools and principles to identify root causes before they become problems, place the right people in the right seats, and align every employee toward the same goals. She instills accountability and discipline, provides tools to measure progress against meaningful metrics, and builds trust through thoughtful and direct feedback.

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What clients are saying

"Dina is, for me, the most inspirational force of nature I've ever met in my life."

— Louis Abramowski
Founder & CEO | Evergreen

"Dina has always been a joy to work with and a true team player.“
— Steve Woelfel
President & CEO | Jefferson Lines 

"I have recommended Dina to many organizations and will continue to do so because her skill set is so critical for the success of any business."
— Laura Weintraub
CEO |  Aimclear

The Book

Make Unstoppable Simple

People want to accomplish more in their life and the Unstoppable Framework is an easy applicable 4-step process that allows you to gain clarity, and move quickly to accomplish your goals.

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Our Nonprofit Partner

Simon Says Give

A non-profit founded by Dina's daughter Mandi in 2011.