Amy L Grove

Amy Grove serves as the COO of Simon Says Lead.  She is an operation’s leader who brings immediate structure to businesses experiencing growth or other challenges. Clients save money, morale goes up and results are achieved. With more than 20 years of experience spanning entrepreneurial start-ups to large matrixed organizations, Amy’s background in highly regulated and compliance driven industries makes her an ideal fit for solving any business problem.

From managing risk and improving processes to strategic planning, budgeting and reporting, Amy’s ability to quickly identify and meet organizational needs is remarkable.

Her recent accomplishments for a financial institution client include:

  • Increasing income by $96,000 a year by implementing a new debit processing company
  • Determining which locations were most profitable using a new accounting system
  • Introducing next generation technology of shared ATMs to the state of Minnesota.
  • Reducing manual repair hours by 22 hours per week, saving $34,000 year

When you have a strategy need and you lack the time and talent to make the necessary changes, Amy’s passion, approach and expertise will help you reach and exceed every single goal.