‘Yes Resolutions’ Create Positive Momentum

Blog Post from Jeffry Brown

The start of a new year usually brings with it a flurry of giving up and going without. Always saying no to yourself can get a bit depressing and boring! Turn it around and get the New Year off to a positive start that sees you saying yes instead. Why? Because it’s better for you—make your New Years resolutions, Yes Resolutions. It’s hard to say no to yes! Here’s some ideas for you!

Yes Resolution #1: Meet new people and make new friends.

Add a few posts on LinkedIn – can be a great way of meeting like-minded people and possible business leads. Create experiences that fire the imagination, connect people with each other in new ways and let them learn things they might not otherwise learn. You’ll find it’s really awesome.

Think Differently – trying something new, step outside your normal routines, particularly in a group setting try groups with different ages represented. The young can learn from the veterans and the veterans can learn from those with out preconceived habits. This can be one of the best ways of meeting new friends. Have a look at what’s going on in your local area – try checking noticeboards at community centers, places of worship and coffee shops, or search online for art classes to wine tastings or improving soft skills. If something grabs your fancy make the change and go for it!

Genuine Connections – check out local theaters for classes in communications and writing. Trained actors make perfect coaches for building communication skills. In fact, it’s a perfect way to increase the communication skills of your corporate teams. In the Twin Cities my colleagues and I work with the Guthrie Theater and others in providing such training.

Yes Resolution #2: Making health a priority for you and those around you.

Try new foods – whether it’s a new fruit or vegetable every week, or a recipe for a family dinner that’s full of goodness, make exploring healthy food an adventure for you and your kids. Share your experiences and recipes with those new friends your making. And your old friends too.

Use your body – try to regularly walk a few flights of stairs instead of riding the elevator or a short journey you would usually use transport for. Walk and talks with colleagues can be much more productive then sitting in a conference room. Learn to breathe, breathing can be an art for stress relief and muscle tone. You might find a class for this as part of your theater trainings.

Yes Resolution #3: Achieving your goals and finding your purpose.

Challenge yourself – whether you want to return to work, learn a new skill, do a course at college or university, or take on a personal challenge like visiting two national parks this year, start with a plan of what you want to achieve and thinking through how you want to get there. If you have a goal for work, see if your company has funds for an executive coach. They can help you with your goals and purpose. Even a coach can benefit from a coach. I know I do.

Believe in yourself – confidence is often the key to achieving goals, so talk yourself up! Feel good about what you’re trying to do and let family and close friends know so they can cheer you on.

Do it for a good cause – if you want to take on a personal challenge such as training for a long-distance run, why not consider asking people to sponsor you for charity?

Yes Resolution #4: Make time for yourself.

Make sure you are the number one priority – it can be very easy to put the needs of family, friends and work way above your own, but you need to feel good about yourself before you can make others feel good. Whether it’s time to relax, de-stress or contemplate what you want from the future, try to give yourself a space to enhance your own emotional well-being.

Get involved – if there’s an issue you feel strongly about, or a cause you want to support, there are lots of ways you can make your voice heard. Don’t think about it, just do it! By getting involved you can accomplish all the other yes resolutions.

What are you saying yes to this year? Leave a comment below and share with your new and old friends!

As you look at the upcoming year and see something holding yourself or your company back, remember that you’re not alone. I’ve helped hundreds of people and companies create positive momentum in solving problems and reaching goals.