STOP Model 4-Part Blog Series

STOP Model Step 1 is S = Simplify, Scrutinize and Spot What to Solve

When you come to a crossroads in life or business and have to make a decision, how do you STOP, take inventory, and determine how to best solve the challenge facing you?

The STOP Model has some great secrets that will help you – and we’re going to share them with you over the next week or so. Part 1 focuses in on the S = Simplify to scrutinize and spot the challenges you want to solve. How do you uncover what’s the real challenge? So often the top-of-mind problem that is weighing on your shoulders isn’t even the real problem. Our prescription is for you to drill down, ask the 5 whys?

Here’s a real life problem/challenge example: We have no sales growth halfway through the year!

Why is that? Our sales representatives aren’t hitting their numbers.

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Why is that? We added a few new products this year and we thought that would provide us a boost to sales and re-energize our sales team – but it’s not working.

Why is that? Our new products demonstrations and launch of marketing materials are taking longer than expected.

Why is that? Our sales and marketing teams aren’t on the same page with priorities on our take-to-market strategy.

Why is that? Our marketing team has been so focused and consumed by the new product launch that all other marketing efforts have gone on the back burner.

So, after asking the 5 whys to drill down, the original broad challenge was thrown out. We learned that the real reason that sales are flat might be due to the new product launch and the sales and marketing teams have not exchanged the information they need to do their jobs well, be in sync with each other and make sales.

What could the value be to this company to solve this real challenge versus reacting to the first challenge/problem that was mentioned? A reaction to sales are down and our reps aren’t hitting their numbers, could be to make staffing changes. With the drill down of the 5 whys, a more strategic problem came to the top to solve.

This company can now focus on how to help the organization as a whole experience sales growth this year. They will focus on all the complexities of the new product launch and get the sales and marketing teams working together.

How do you bridge these two important groups working together for the growth of the company? Tune in next week and the story will continue to move through the building blocks of the STOP Model!




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