Others = Secret Sauce!

STOP Model Step 3 is O = Others Outside the typical Offering

If you have been following the STOP Model 4-Part Blog Series, you know that in part 1 we simplified our challenge = we need to bring the sales and marketing teams together to provide a strong, new product take-to-market strategy that both groups are excited about in order to move the dial on sales growth. In part 2, we evaluated the unique talents – the individuals who can help solve the challenge. Step 3 in the STOP Model is O = Others. What outside relationships does the team have with people who can help? What other people do you need to bring to the table?

We consider the others probably the most important aspect of the model – maybe even the secret sauce! Why walk alone when you can have a tribe of people to walk the journey with you? This part of the model is ever more meaningful when it’s a personal challenge that you are looking to solve! Allow others to help you soar! The saying two heads are better than one applies here. Or, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, as an adult it can take a village of supporters to help you move something important forward too – what’s wrong with that?!

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When you overlay the “gap talents” of what needs to be in place to accomplish your challenge, you have to go recruit the needed and missing talent. This is where the real fun can begin. Often when we work with individuals or clients through the STOP Model this is where the magic happens. Everyone realizes that they have someone they can bring to the table that would immediately provide value and welcome getting involved.

As we talked about this team and their challenge we identified people who weren’t typically included in the sales or marketing teams. We suggested the idea of having an engineer at the table that helped develop the new products to allow their input on training the sales team. We suggested having a focus group with clients and prospects. It isn’t rocket science to think bigger picture and involve others, but how often do these people get invited to the table to help a company grow sales and hit their targets as a team?

What do you do when there are talents that the team still needs to bring to the table and they do not have anyone in their network that fits the profile? Develop a clear message of what goals and action items are in place and what skills the team is looking for – and go ask for help! People love to help other people when the problem/situation has been clearly stated and a specific request has been made! Those other people might even have the expertise to suggest additional gap talents that are needed. Or, find a consultant that specializes in the talent you need and bring him/her to the team – hire them fast and you will move forward quickly.



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