Motivation through Leadership

Recently my client texted me to tell me that they observed that my team was engaged
and on fire. “What was going on?” they asked. I laughed because there was something specific
taking place at that time. If I hadn’t been asked about this specific situation, I may not have
known the meaning or the impact of what was taking place. The outside perspective prompted
me to pause and take note.

As a leader, we are always trying to find ways to motivate and inspire our teams both
individually and as a whole. We might “think” we know what drives them individually and as a
team, but are we in-tune with what energizes them? What once inspired them could have
changed over time.

In my experience, people want to feel valued and know that they are doing meaningful
work. These two things were happening with my team at the time my friend asked me what
was going on. My team had recently been recognized with an award nomination for the impact
that they made in the last year. They were on fire because they were being celebrated for their
hard work and their work proved to make a significant impact.

If you struggle with knowing what pushes your team members individually, I want to
share a secret with you. Growing up in sales, I was introduced to The Mackay 66™ for
Customers (Click to access MacKay 66) The basic principle is to get to know
your clients/prospects. The list has 66 questions or areas in which you should try and gain as
much knowledge about the person as possible. As a leader, I love using it with my team of
internal customers to get to know them better.

Let’s say you know that your staff member’s wedding anniversary is coming up and you
want to do something special for them. If you know the couple’s favorite restaurant, a
personalized dinner out with a card filled with your appreciation is a perfect way for you to
show your employee how much you value their hard work. It also demonstrates to his/her
spouse that you took the time to personalize your appreciation.

Get to know your greatest asset– your people! Take some time to explore new ways to
show your appreciation that are most meaningful to them.



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