Meet Mick White!

We are so excited to have Mick White join us on the podcast. He is an inspiration and a force for good! We can’t wait for you to get to know him better and the mission he is on with the 100-Year Manifesto.

About Mick

Mick White is the Founder of the 100-Year Manifesto, a framework to help people get life right. For +25 years, Mick has been on stage facilitating conversations for companies, speaking at churches, and leading CEOs and Founders in getting life right. Mick’s tools and strategies to get life right, go beyond “life hacks” to very deep and personal conversations around the Ideal Living Week, Measuring What Matters, and most importantly, Creating Your Own 100-Year Manifesto.

Mick believes having a framework for living a life greater than yourself will help you make decisions big and small. To know what to say “yes” to in life. And, possibly more importantly, to know what to say “no” to in life.

The 100-Year Manifesto helps companies become destination employers by equipping teams and people with a framework for their lives. To fit business into their lives and not their lives into their business. To live a healthier, more fulfilled, and meaningful life of significance.

Mick’s story is in the 12 Week Yearbook, he and his client Brian Ingram of Purpose Driven Restaurants were featured on CBS World News in 2020 while serving 200,000 free restaurant quality meals and 2,000,000 pounds of free food at the beginning of the pandemic, and he’s been featured on podcasts in Australia, international virtual presentations in Vietnam, the Philippines, and throughout Southeast Asia, and in-person throughout the United States and the Bahamas. Of course, his childhood hometown newspaper featured him as well.

Here is how you can find Mick: